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Membership Requirements
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  1. All Mulwood property owners are entitled to be members of Greater Mulwood Homeowner Association.

  2. All Mulwood property owners are invited and welcome to attend monthly director meetings, as well as the annual general meeting.

  3. All Mulwood property owners are entitled to vote (whether or not they’ve paid dues to GMHA) on matters at the annual general meeting.

  4. Each household has one vote.

  5. By-laws provide that Directors are those residents who have paid dues, and attended 3 GMHA monthly meetings IN SUCCESSION, with no unexcused absences.

  6. The monthly meeting sign-in sheet is the determinant of presence at a meeting.

  7. Only Directors are allowed to vote on issues at monthly meetings.

  8. Households with more than one Director member have one vote at monthly meetings.

  9. Three UNEXCUSED ABSENCES in SUCCESSION cause automatic removal of a director.

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