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Hello GMHA members,


I hope everyone is well and healthy. As everyone knows, the GMHA keeps a careful eye over our neighborhood. Whenever an issue arises, we want to bring the matter to everyone’s attention..


It may have seemed like a reasonably quiet local summer, but our California State Legislature has been busy preparing a variety high profile bills. This letter is concerning 2 very disturbing bills numbered Senate Bill SB 9 and Senate Bill SB 10. Both bills have recently passed our State Assembly and is on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.


SB 9 and SB 10 have the power to ban single-family-home zoning, upending a century-old norm. By replacing single-family homes with denser developments, the Assembly believes it will chip away at the housing shortage. Not to mention chip away at our property values and neighborhood ambiance.


Attached is a very informative message from Maureen Tamuri, Calabasas Community Development Director with an overview of both Senate Bill 9 Residential Lot Splits and Senate Bill 10 Light Touch Density Act.


To quote Maureen: While the City cannot prohibit this legislation from applying in the entire City, it is studying its possible impacts.   A public workshop exploring how SB 9 might be applied in our community will be held with the Calabasas Planning Commission on Thursday, October 7th at 6pm. 


Details on how to attend will be posted as part of the agenda on the City’s Calendar; we encourage you to participate in this Zoom meeting.


Please let Maureen Tamuri know if she can address any questions you may have prior to the October 7th Planning Commission Workshop. The City Attorney has prepared an additional memorandum with further information regarding SB 9 and SB 10, available on the City’s website Maureen Tamuri can be reached during normal business hours at (818) 224-1701.

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